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What's Included In Your Challenge Program?

There is absolutely no guess work. I provide you with everything you need. When you register for the Belly Be Gone Challenge! Here is what you get:

  • 2 fat burning meal plans and grocery lists

  • 2 Home dumbbell workout plans

  • Low impact home cardio fat burning plan

  • Special closed Facebook community that will have special tips, methods, recipes, and other cool stuff to help you succeed

  • Tracking and logging sheets

  • Calendar

  • Daily planner schedule

  • Special resources and guides (IE: motivation guide and "on the road" guide)

  • Support and guidance

  • Entry for the official Belly Be Gone Challenge which includes cash prizes for first, second and third best before and after

Meal Plans

I provide you with two meal plans including grocery lists. There is a meal plan for weeks 1 and 2 and a meal plan for weeks 3 and 4. You simply print out the meal plan, including your grocery list and follow along. I provide you with meal times, macro-nutrient information/totals, and cooking instructions.

The meal plans have been designed to go hand in hand with your fitness routine ensuring the absolute best results. The great thing about the Belly Be Gone Challenge meal plans is that:


  • You don't starve

  • The meals are easy to prepare

  • They are super tasty!

The meals have been designed for the busy participant so you aren't stuck in the kitchen preparing complicated meals.

Home Dumbbell Workout Plans

Your Belly Be Gone Challenge Plans also comes with 2 home dumbbell workout plans. There is a workout plan for weeks 1 and 2 and a workout plan for weeks 3 and 4.

Each workout plans comes with photo, instructions and video demonstrations.

Your Belly Be Gone Challenge Workout Plans have been designed to allow you to progress on a weekly basis in the most effective manner while keeping you safe. The low impact cardio exercises will ensure your joints are safe and keep the impact to your body to a minimum.

Everything has been laid out for you, all you have to do is follow the plan!

Tracking and Log Charts

Your Belly Be Gone Challenge Program also comes with tracking charts. Your tracking charts will be used to keep you on target and focused on your goals. Also, if you are entering the official Belly Be Gone Challenge (for cash prizes), you will need to send your tracking chart (measurements charts) in to me on a weekly basis.

Your Belly Be Gone Challenge Program comes with your main tracking charts (4 weeks), a body evaluation and goals sheet and a daily planner

Resources and Guides

As a part of your registration, you gain access to important guides and resources that will help you succeed. Guides such as the Belly Be Gone motivation guide, the rest and recovery guide, the "on the road" guide and how to stop unhealthy snacking guide. There are so many more resources in the Belly Be Gone Facebook private group that you gain access to.

Belly Be Gone Private Facebook Group

Once you register and join the Belly Be Gone Challenge you gain access to the groups private Facebook group. I provide the help, guidance and support that will help you reach your goals. I provide special weekly live sessions that will cover unique exercise methods, nutrition secrets, valuable tips and special techniques.


As a member of the Belly Be Gone Facebook community, you have access to a trainer with more than 35 years experience. You get access to my experience and knowledge, guiding you every step of the way! It's like having your very own personal trainer except you are NOT paying thousands of dollars every month!

Here are just some of the sessions that I have provided:


  • The #1 motivation secret that will GUARANTEE your success!

  • How this 1 simple movement will almost DOUBLE your results!

  • Follow these 2 simple rules and you will sky rocket your results!

  • The key to getting the absolute most from your exercises

  • The real secret to building toned and shapely upper arms

  • What to do if you fall off track

  • Special recipes

  • How to make the absolute BEST smoothie ever!

  • And so much more!!

I put on 2 special live sessions each week (Usually Tuesday and Thursday nights) during the Belly Be Gone Challenge which will help you immensely. I guarantee you that you will learn something valuable which will help you reach your goals more effectively and efficiently!

The Official Belly Be Gone Challenge Contest

What’s a challenge without prizes?

There are prizes for best before and after results. You send me weekly photos of your front, sides and back along with your tracking charts (measurements and body weight). At the end of the challenge I will review all the photos and decide first, second and third place winners.

Prizes are dependent on my sponsors but they are all pretty great and worth putting in the effort!

The prize portion of the challenge is totally optional and you don’t have to enter if you don’t’ wish too. All photos and information are kept in strict confidentiality. I will never share or distribute your information without your prior approval (to share the results with other participants after the challenge).

Prizes will be very similar to the last Belly Be Gone Challenge which was as follows:


First place: $1000 (CAD) cash

Second Place: $500 (CAD) cash plus a $350 prize package

Third Place: $250 (CAD) cash

Fourth Place: $100 (CAD) cash

Fifth Place: 1 free entry for the next Belly Be Gone Challenge ($50 value)


Each round will have different prizes depending on our sponsors but rest assured they will be AWESOME!!

Remember, there are no losers in the Belly Be Gone Challenge, only winners. The prizes are meant to add a bit of excitement which can be a lot of fun.  Again, it’s totally optional if you want to participate in the official challenge. To enter the official challenge you simple let me know via email or messenger and I will add your name to the contest. For more information on how the official Belly Be Gone Challenge contest works see this page here.

How To Register

To register and reserve your spot for the upcoming Belly Be Gone Challenge, simple go to this page:

Belly Be Gone Challenge Registration

Once you sign up and are paid, you will be added to the list of participants and your spot will be reserved.

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