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What is The Belly Be Gone Challenge?

The Belly Be Gone Challenge is a fun and exciting program that will allow men and women to lose between 10 and 15 pounds (maybe more) in 30 days while shaping and toning the body.


The Belly Be Gone Challenge Program eliminates all guesswork and provides you with everything you need in order to lose weight, get fit and tone up.

Your Belly Be Gone Challenge Program comes with everything you need to reach your challenge goals including:

  • 2 fat burning meal plans and grocery lists

  • 2 Home dumbbell workout plans

  • Low impact home cardio fat burning plan

  • Special closed Facebook community that will have special tips, methods, recipes, and other cool stuff to help you succeed

  • Tracking and logging sheets

  • Calendar

  • Daily planner schedule

  • Special resources and guides (IE: motivation guide and "on the road" guide)

  • Support and guidance

  • Prizes for first, second, third, fourth and fifth best before and afters.

All you have to do is follow your Belly Be Gone Challenge plan.

The Belly Be Gone Challenge has been designed by Blake Bissaillion, owner and operator of Belly Be Gone and BodyFIT. Mr. Bissaillion has over 35 years in the fitness industry as a body builder, power lifter and all round fitness enthusiast.


Mr. Bissaillion personally designs all meal plans, home fitness routines, guides and resources for each Belly Be Gone Challenge. Mr. Bissaillion moderates and provides personal instruction including videos, lessons, tip and techniques on the Belly Be Gone Private Facebook Group Page.

To find out more on how the challenge works, please see these pages:


How To Register

To register and reserve your spot for the upcoming Belly Be Gone Challenge, simple go to this page:

Belly Be Gone Challenge Registration

Once you sign up and are paid, you will be added to the list of participants and your spot will be reserved.

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