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Belly Be Gone Challenge Round 1 Placings

The 30 Day Belly Be Gone Challenge (First Round) Prize Winners.

1st Place: Samantha Corbiere
Lost 20 pounds and 5 inches from her waist


2nd place prize: Melanie Roque Fitzpatrick:
Lost 12 pounds and 6 inches from her waist

  • 1 tub of premium vegan protein powder (courtesy of Barrel of Goodies in Blind River - Marcel Jacques)

  • a bottle of multivitamins (courtesy of Canadian Premiere Supplements

  • 1 bottle of MCT oil (Courtesy of Belly Be Gone)

  • 1 Bottle of belly be gone (Courtesy of Belly Be Gone)


3rd place prize: Bud Jacobs
Lost 19 Pounds
3 tubs of Premium Chiblow Fish batter (courtesy of Chiblow Fish)

1 bottle of Belly Be Gone (courtesy of Belly Be Gone)

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