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Belly Be Gone Challenge Round 7 Placings

The 30 Day Belly Be Gone Challenge (Seventh Round) Prize Winners.

1st place prize: Irene Labelle
Lost 12 pounds and 5 inches from her waist

  • $250 cash (Courtesy of Belly Be Gone!)

  • $200 in clothing (Courtesy of Cutting Edge Impressions: Owner Jennifer Bissaillion)

  • Custom workout program (Courtesy of Belly Be Gone!)


2nd Place Prize: Marcia Assinewai Manitowabi
Lost 13 pounds and 6 total inches

  • $250 cash provided by Paul Jo Chiblow, owner of Smokey Joes Convenience on Mississaugi First Nation and Belly Be Gone!


3rd place prize: Tracy Richer
Lost 10 pounds and 3.5 inches from her waist.

$100 cash plus one bottle of CBD oil provided by Bud Jacobs of Serpent River First Nation. 

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