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The Belly Be Gone Challenge Contest?

The contest round is totally optional and up to you if you want to compete for cash prizes. To enter into the official Belly Be Gone Challenge Contest Round, simply send me an email at:

And mention you want to enter into the official contest round for prizes.


To complete in the prize round, you will need to provide me with weekly updates on your progress. This will include weekly photos (front, side and back) and your weekly weight and body measurements.


Please take photos of yourself in clothing you are most comfortable in. I suggest a sports tank top and shorts however, use clothing that you feel comfortable in that will show your weekly progress. Here are some guidelines:


1) Please try and use the same outfit for your photos each week as this will allow me to see weekly improvements.

2) Use the same camera (or phone) using the same angle. If you are using your phone please be consistent with either vertical or horizontal photos (your phone is vertical or turned sideways – horizontal.

3) Please try and use a room with a lot of lighting.

4) Please try and use the same camera distance each week.

5) Please take a photo of your front, sides, and back. Please take left and right side photos (stand facing the right with your hands by your sides, take a photo and do the opposite for your left side photo).

6) Make sure the camera height is the same for each of your photos. The camera should be at shoulder level.


7) Most camera phones have a time setting. If you don’t have anyone to take photos for you, you can adjust your camera phone settings for timed photos. This will allow you to get into position for the photo.


Body Weight & Measurements


Use the tracking charts (will be located in your Belly Be Gone Package)  to take your body weight and measurements. The charts are meant to help you organize your Belly Be Gone Challenge and to help track your progress.


The following charts are included:


  • Body Evaluation and Goals

  • Body Stats Log


I want you to track your progress each week and take your measurements on Sunday. You will send me a copy of your measurements on a weekly basis. The official tracking chart for your official Belly Be Gone Challenge Round will be located in your Belly Be Gone Package (which I will be emailing to you 4 to 5 days prior to the start date). I want you to print off a copy.



1) Print off your Belly Be Gone Tracking challenge tracking chart (will be in your package which I will email you 4 to 5 days prior to the challenge start date)

2) Prior to starting your challenge, fill out the chart. Start with Sunday at the top of the chart (week one). Take your weight and mark it down under the category “Weight”. Using a measuring tape, measure your chest, waist, thigh and arm (one leg and arm is fine).

3) Scan or photo copy your starting weight and measurements and send them to me. You can either message me using Facebook messenger or by email to:


4) Each day, record your weight and mark it down in the appropriate place (you will see it on your sheet). Once a week, measure your chest, waist and thigh. Mark it down in the appropriate category under “Measurement”.


5) Each Sunday or Monday, please send me your photos and a scanned image of your tracking chart. You can message me on Facebook with your weekly measurements or email them to me at:


That’s it. Once you send me your information I will let you know that I’ve received your information. If you don’t want to compete in the official challenge, you can still use the tracking chart (and body evaluation/goal sheet and daily planner – after the official tracking chart below).

How the Belly Be Gone Contest is Judged

Every week I go over all the photos and measurements. I look at the week by week progress in terms of weight loss and body composition changes. I look to see if the changes in your tracking and measurement charts match the changes in your photos.

At the end of week 4, I edit and resize each of your photos and place them side by side for a week by week comparison. I look at your week by week changes in your body and match that up with the week by week changes in your tracking charts.

Please remember, I don't judge purely on weight loss. I judge on body transformation (and weight loss).

It usually takes me a week or two to decide on the winners (depending on how many participants there are). I announce the winners via live Facebook session on the Belly Be Gone Facebook  group page.



What’s a challenge without prizes?


There are prizes for best before and after results. You send me weekly photos of your front, sides and back along with your tracking charts (measurements and body weight). At the end of the challenge I will review all the photos and decide first, second and third place winners.

Prizes are dependent on my sponsors but they are all pretty great and worth putting in the effort!

The prize portion of the challenge is totally optional and you don’t have to enter if you don’t’ wish too. All photos and information are kept in strict confidentiality. I will never share or distribute your information without your prior approval (to share the results with other participants after the challenge).

The prizes for the next 30 Day Belly Be Gone Challenge (to start on Monday, October 17 2022) is as follows:


First place: $1000 Cash (CAD) sponsored by Cutting Edge Impressions (Owner, Jennifer Bisssaillion)

Second Place: $500 Cash (CAD) plus a $350 prize package sponsored by Apothacure (Owner, Katherine Fox)

Third Place: $250 Cash (CAD)

Fourth Place: $100 Cash (CAD)

Fifth Place: 1 free entry into the next Belly Be Gone Challenge ($50 value)

Remember, there are no losers in the Belly Be Gone Challenge, only winners. The prizes are meant to add a bit of excitement which can be a lot of fun.  Again, it’s totally optional if you want to participate in the official challenge.

The official contest is optional but it does provide you with a bit more incentive and excitement. In addition, I go over each photo which helps with accountability. Your privacy is of utmost importance and I do not share your information or photos with anyone. They are kept under strict lock and key!

To enter in the contest portion of the challenge, once you register for the Belly Be Gone Challenge, simple send me an email or message me via Facebook and state you want to enter the official contest:


How To Register

To register and reserve your spot for the upcoming Belly Be Gone Challenge, simple go to this page:

Belly Be Gone Challenge Registration

Once you sign up and are paid, you will be added to the list of participants and your spot will be reserved.

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