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Belly Be Gone Challenge Judging Criteria

The Belly Be Gone Challenge judges the results based on the following criteria:

1) Before and after photos. Each week, participants will send in photos of themselves from the front, sides and back. The photos are reviewed from the start, week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4 and the final day.


2) All participant photos are reviewed and assessed each week in detail.

3) Tracking charts and measurements. The tracking charts are reviewed and compared against the photos that have been submitted. This includes body weight, waist measurements, chest (bust) measurements, thigh measurements and upper arm measurements.

4) At the end of the challenge, participant photos are edited and resized so that each participant gets a fair assessment (angle and photo size). Each set of weekly photos are aligned side by side for a complete body transformation assessment.

5) Participants (who make it to the final rounds) photos are compared with each other to determine the prize winners. In the final round, there are roughly 3 to 5 final reviews before a final placing is determined.


Assessments are taken very seriously. I carefully review all photos and give each participant a full assessment (and a fair one). I know how hard each participant works and I give each participant an unbiased and fair review for their hard work.

What do I look at when I review and assess participant photos? I review and assess total fat loss including the belly, torso and upper legs. In addition I also review muscle tone improvement. Please note that participant before and after photos are the number one determining factor for placings.

Results will be posted on the Belly Be Gone Challenge Facebook page, My personal Facebook page and the Belly Be Gone Challenge website WITH the consent from each participant. Once I receive consent (from each participant) I will post the results.

Thank you

Blake Bissaillion
Belly Be Gone Challenge


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