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How to Get Rid of Batwing Arms

Super simple method to strengthen your upper arms and get rid of batwing arms.

Today I am going to show you how to get rid of batwing arms.

This is a super simple exercise that uses the most effective, muscle strengthening and toning technique there is. Best of all, this batwing reducing exercise can be performed in under two minutes! No fancy equipment needed! Here's what I want you to do to get rid of batwing arms. I want you to challenge yourself to the following:

1) As soon as you get out of bed I want you to perform this batwing reducing exercise

2) Do this batwing reducing movement every day for 30 days

3) Add one or two more repetitions every week that will speed your results up

That is your challenge. Perform this exercise and method (as outlined in the video) and you will notice a HUGE difference in the way your upper arms look and feel, especially the backs of your upper arms (called triceps). There is only one exercise to perform which is the close grip wall push up. This isn't your normal wall push up! You are going to use two magical techniques that will turn this exercise into a batwing crusher! You are going to also use what are called "static contractions" and "time under tension" that will help you get rid of those batwing arms. Here' s what I want you to do in order to get rid of batwing arms:

1) Stand 3 to 4 feet away from a wall

2) Lean forward and place your hands on the wall.

3) Place your hands close together with your thumbs touching each other

3) Straighten your arms and contract the back of your upper arms (triceps)

4) Slowly lower your head (while keeping your feet in place) while counting to 5

5) Pause for the count of 3 once your elbows nearly touch the wall. Do NOT allow your elbows to touch the wall.

6) Using your arms, press your body back to the starting position

7) Contract your upper arms and count to 3

Stand 3 to 4 feet away from a wall and place hand close together. Fully extend your arms and contract.
Slowly lower your upper body towards the wall while counting to 5
Once your elbows come close to touching the wall, hold for the count of 3 and extend back up.
Fully extend and contract the back of your upper arms and hold for the count of 3. Repeat the process.

I am 100% confident that if you perform this simple exercise and method to get rid of batwing arms, every morning for the next 30 day, your arms will be strong, toned and awesome!

For more tips see my Facebook page at: Stay safe and Stay strong!! Blake Bissaillion Owner, Belly Be Gone Challenge!

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